5 studies that show the potential benefits of taking a daily multivitamin

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Woman taking a multivitamin

Stress, anxiety and mood health

Modern life seems to throw more stress and strains at us than ever before. However, having the ability to cope with external emotional stressors is key to navigating life. There is strong evidence that mineral and vitamin deficiencies contribute to mood disorders, and replenishing those can be an essential part of treatment. One study published earlier this year looks particularly at young adults and shows the area of anxiety shows an improvement in just 30 days of taking the supplement.


Brain function

We all want to stay sharp into our older years. A comprehensive study of over 2000 participants over 3 years was recently released that shows taking a quality multi-nutrient can significantly reduce the levels of cognitive decline for the over 60s. On the flip side, unfortunately, the same study showed that chocolate (cacao) doesn’t have any benefit. Admittedly, this study is specific to older adults. Nevertheless, improving your vitamin and mineral status can help keep your brain healthy, including helping focus, memory and mood at any age.



The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of the health of our immune systems to fight infections. Giving your immune system what it needs to be strong and resilient is an essential part of this. Particularly nutrients zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D can play a vital role in supporting the immune system in healthy individuals. This study shows taking a multivitamin can help to improve the vitamin and mineral status for immunity.



More energy and less fatigue are essential to feeling our best. Overall the nutrients in multivitamins can help convert our food and oxygen into energy. This study also found differences in the effect of taking a multivitamin between men and women. Men taking a multivitamin were seen to expend more energy, whereas women began reporting fewer feelings of fatigue.


Quality of life through health

Many of us want to live longer. But it is vital to ensure the quality of those later years is still there. If anything, it is more important! Countless studies show the quality of life improves when we have an active social life, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly. This study shows that taking a multivitamin can be part of that puzzle to create a quality of life as you age.








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