How Long Will It Take Me To Feel The Difference?

  • 3 min read

You’re probably not the only one that’s ever wondered how long it takes to feel the difference when you take a multivitamin. The truth is, everyone is different. We’d really love to be able to tell you that you’ll feel the difference after day one, but in all honesty (and we’re sticklers for honesty) that isn’t necessarily the truth. Some people will feel better after a few days though, why? Because we’re all unique and our bodies work and absorb nutrients very differently.

The first thing to note here, is that consistency is key. In order for both you and your body to feel genuine results you need to stick with it. That means taking our evity Multivitamin every day, no questions asked.

Next, how long it takes to feel the difference, often depends on how deficient you actually are in each of the essential nutrients. Those who are more deficient will likely feel the benefits much more quickly. It’s important to remember that the nutrients that we’ve included in our evity Multivitamin aren’t just there because we thought they looked nice on our label, they’re essential for the body to perform optimally.

Day 1 - Your body will be thanking you! You’ll start quickly absorbing the nutrients, and these nutrients, particularly the water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and B vitamins, will get to work right away. They’ll start nourishing your cells and some people may start to feel more energised after just a few days. If you don’t, don’t worry - stick with it. Trust us, your body will be thanking you.

Day 30 - Great work is underway now. Nutrients are beginning to build up, they’re working relentlessly in your body to support you. The fat soluble vitamins in our blend, like vitamin E and K, are being absorbed now too. Your body is able to store these, so it handles them a little differently. People often report a boost in mood, improved sleep and more energy after a month, others don’t. Remember, when it comes to health, you need to be in it for the long haul.

Day 60 - You might know by now, that there isn’t anything particularly straightforward about how the body works. However at this point, from a nutritional standpoint, your health will have improved dramatically. All the nutrients in our blend will be working hard to support your immune system, boost your brain power and enhance your energy levels whilst continuing to protect you at a cellular level.

Day 90 - When it comes to supplements, the golden rule is generally 3 months. It’s at this point where most people reach a nutrient peak. Your daily supplement is ensuring that your body is working at it’s best. At this point nutrients are well absorbed, your cells are getting all they need and your organ systems are working in harmony with each other. You’ll feel well in yourself, you’ll feel energised, adaptable, happy and your body will most importantly be healthy.

It’s always important to remember that our evity Multivitamin, just like every other multivitamin on the market, is not a miracle. You can’t take two evity capsules each day for 90 days and expect to reap the rewards if you don’t take control of other areas of your health. There will never be a substitute for a healthy diet, exercise, hydration and quality sleep. The good news is though, if you take control of those factors and continue to give your body what it needs - you will improve your health throughout your life.

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